V0.15 Update: Card Balancing

2 min readMar 31, 2023



Mission Control has important news to share. We’ve heard many radio calls from pilots telling us about some annoying cockroaches parasitizing their journey for fame and glory. We heard you, pilot! To limit cockroaches’ expansion, Mission Control has deployed measures to bring more balance to our universe.

Mission Control will take any appropriate actions should our measures be too harsh for our little annoying parasite friends.

Deploy Cockroach — NERF

Lowered HP by 1 : 2/4 → 2/3

By reducing their HP, players can get rid of Cockroaches orbiters more easily. As a result, Cockroaches Orbiters are not available for Emergency Deployment anymore.

Deploy Quantum Locked — NERF

Lowered HP by 1 : 0/6 → 0/5

Quantum Locked has become very powerful, especially in Juventa and Shield decks. Lowering their HP will weaken them to direct damage and reduce their strength when deployed using Emergency Deployment.

Deploy Umbrella — BUFF

Increased HP by 1 : 2/3 → 2/4

Umbrella orbiters are good counters against Cockroaches and Invasive Plants. By increasing the HP of the Umbrella Orbiter, Mission Control makes it available for Emergency Deployment.

Invasive Plant — NERF

Increased Cost by 1 : 3 → 4

Invasive Plant is an effective counter to exile decks, and Mission Control wants to keep it that way. However, we believe that such great power must come at a greater price.

Emergency Deployment — NERF

Increased Cost by 1 : 2 → 3

Emergency Deployment proved itself to be one of the strongest in the game. While the card reduces HP for summoned orbiters, its versatility makes it too powerful for a ‘2’ cost.

Super Timor — BUFF

Added effect: For each parasite burned this way, Ignite is added to the card on top of your opponent’s deck.

A very effective way to get rid of parasites in your deck while punishing your opponents for their rudeness.

Mini Timor — BUFF

Added effect: For each parasite burned this way, Ignite is added to the card on top of your opponent’s deck.

Same but cuter than before.

It’s time for you fliers to explore the renewed Universe in your swanky spaceships. Remember! Keep Mission Control posted about any strange events. We’re just a radio call away!

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