Start your Cosmic Journey ☄️

2 min readJan 25


We are here with the v0.14 update, brave pilots! 🌌 And there is an exciting new feature that’ll help you with your “cosmic journey” 👀

Wha-? Scroll 👇

Cosmic Journey 🪐 💫

As part of our intention to always improve our players’ experience, we are proud to introduce the Cosmic Journey, a solo-progression track allowing players to level-up and unlock non-NFT cards and Galactic Credits.

  • To unlock rewards, players will need to carry out specific tasks to level-up. Keep in mind 👉 the higher the level, the more complicated the tasks are.
  • Galactic Credits can be spent in the Galactic shop to unlock non-NFT cards and NFT Emojis.
  • More levels will be added on a regular basis, so you can enjoy a never-ending journey!

Ultimately, the Cosmic Journey allows all players to grind and unlock new content for free, making the game more exciting for everybody 💪

Now it is time to try the Cosmic Journey and earn Galactic Credits and Cards! Get your spaceships ready, we’re about to take off! 🚀

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