Introducing the V0.15 Update!

3 min readMar 31


Attention all pilots! Listen up! We’ve got some exciting intel to share that promises to take your Cometh Battle experience to the next level.

Referral Program

Our first-ever referral program has landed!! That’s right, as a member of the Intergalactic Pilot Association, recruiters will be able to recruit up to 5 wannabe pilots using their very own recruiter link! As in any apprenticeship program, new recruits will need to prove themselves by completing assigned missions, in this case, achieving “quests”, to perfect their training. By completing their assigned missions, recruits will be able to collect non-NFT cards and Galactic credits to spend in the galactic shop, which will help them in their first space battles.

For all you recruiters out there, prepare to be incentivized for each mission your recruits complete!

We’re not done yet! In the months to come, we’ll be continuously improving the program by adding some seriously cool features:

  • Unlimited referral.
  • A seasonal leaderboard to reward the best recruiters.
  • Ways for recruiters to earn $MUST, Cometh’s token.

Cosmic Journey

Are you ready to embark on new adventures? Get ready for our solo progression track that’s jam-packed with 30 exclusive missions for you to complete in the Cosmic Journey, allowing players to level up and unlock non-NFT cards and Galactic Credits. Carry out exciting new tasks and collect your due!

Strengthening competition on Cometh Battle

Competition is part of Cometh Battle’s DNA. We have organized several tournaments since our launch last year, awarding more than 1M$ to players, and we’re not done yet!

Today, we’re ramping up the competition on Cometh Battle with a brand new tournament queue feature. This will allow us to create a matchmaking pool with a dedicated leaderboard for tournament participants. This queue can be calibrated to fit specific tournament rules:

  • Adjustable timeframe
  • Open or limited access
  • Cards restrictions for themed competitions

Alongside the launch of this new feature, Cometh Battle is also launching a Tournament Program to assist esports organizations and guilds in organizing competitions. Upon application and subject to certain conditions, we will be able to support community tournaments by promoting them on our own social media and even provide financial support for the most ambitious.

To celebrate the launch of the tournament queue and the tournament program, Cometh is organizing a week-long competition in April with a $1.000 USDC prize pool for the top players on the leaderboard. More details to come!

Read more about the tournament program → here

Cards Balancing

In our effort to always improve our payer experience, we’ve adjusted the mechanics of some cards to bring more diversity to the meta overly dominated by cockroaches decks:


  • Deploy Umbrella
  • Super Timor
  • Mini Timor


  • Deploy Cockroach
  • Deploy Quantum Locked
  • Invasive Plant
  • Emergency Deployment

Moving forward, we will update the game regularly to balance card mechanics. Join our Discord and follow the Patch Note channel to stay up to date!

Read more about card balancing → here

In other news

  • The deck builder has been revamped with more filters added to make deck creations easier for players.
  • A new feedback tool is available to you pilots in Settings. Don’t hesitate to use it to report bugs or share feedback to improve the game.

Coming soon: A brand new ranking system

In the upcoming weeks, a whole new ranking system will be installed so that players can climb the ranks, unlock rewards, and compare themselves to elite fliers in the galaxy. Stay tuned, pilots!

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