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ATTENTION ALL PILOTS! Are you ready to take your competitive gameplay to the next level? Cometh Battle was designed with a mission to make it fun and competitive for its players. Today, years after launching the game, we continue to strive to improve in that direction. We know you’ve been craving some thrilling battles, and we’re here to deliver. With that said, the Cometh Battle team is proud to announce the launch of our Community Tournament Program!

Having fun together!

Our mission at Cometh Battle has always been to create an experience that brings players together and fosters friendly competition and camaraderie. We believe that the future of Cometh Battle is in the hands of its community. With the Community Tournament Program, we’re empowering our players to shape their own experiences by giving them the freedom and support to host their very own tournaments!

What we offer

As tournament organizers, you’ll have the freedom to create the tournament you’ve always dreamed of, with our support on several aspects:

Social Media Support including but not limited to:

  • Communication on our Twitter and Discord channel
  • Creation of Discord events
  • Upload of the tournament VOD on our Youtube Channel*

* VODs must be edited by organizers.

Participation in rewards including but not limited to:

  • Card boosters
  • Galactic Credits
  • Participation in prize pool

What’s a tournament without some sweet rewards, right? But be warned, the allocation of those rewards is discretionary and will be studied on a case-by-case basis depending on several factors, including but not limited to the number of participants, communication plan, the success rate of previous tournaments… So, bring your A-game, pilot!

Logistical support including but not limited to:

  • Advisory on tournament formats and organization
  • Set up a tournament queue in-game for the leaderboard phase

What we don’t cover

Now, the organizers are the big bosses when it comes to the Community Tournament Program, and they can’t just pass the buck to Cometh. The organizers keep sole responsibility for:

  • Creating promotional assets
  • Sending rewards to participants and winners
  • Tournament broadcast
  • VOD creation and edition
  • Logistical organization (setting-up events, rules, format, contacting participants, creating brackets…)

How to apply?

  • Cometh Battle’s community tournament program is open to any individuals, guilds, or esports teams willing to organize ambitious competitions.
  • Cometh will only support tournaments one at a time and a maximum of 2 tournaments per month.
  • To apply, organizers are requested to fill out this form: Community Tournament Application Form

Cometh will review all proposals on a case-by-case basis and will come back to the applicants in a shortly manner. The decision is discretionary and will be made based on several factors, including but not limited to past experiences in tournament organization, event size, cash prizes, rewards, format, communication plan, etc.

Now, we know you’re all excited to apply, but first, let’s go over the rules!

By applying to the tournament program, organizers commit to respecting the following rules:

  1. The competition must be organized for non-profit purposes, and no entry fee should be charged to participants or any player involved.
  2. Organizers are solely responsible for providing the prizes for your tournament, and participants cannot be asked to participate in the prize pool.
  3. Respectful use of Cometh’s intellectual property is mandatory.
  4. Organizers must ensure that participants and themselves respect Cometh and Cometh Battle’s image throughout the entire tournament. Any insult, vulgar or violent opinion made towards Cometh as a company and its employees will be sanctioned.
  5. All players and partners involved in the tournament must adhere to the rules of the game and/or of the tournament.
  6. Organizers cannot register any trademark, domain names, social media accounts, or related addresses for the promotion of their tournament or event without a separate written agreement made by Cometh or Cometh’s team members.
  7. Cometh may promote the tournament or event and use the results of your tournament or event to qualify players for official Cometh tournament events and marketing activities, with the agreement of both parties.
  8. By applying to the program, organizers allow Cometh to promote the tournament and to use any content created throughout the tournament, including but not limited to promotional assets, VODs…
  9. Organizers must ensure that participants behave in a respectful manner throughout the whole duration of the tournament. If not, organizers commit to taking appropriate sanctions.
  10. Organizers must not communicate or engage Cometh’s image before their application is approved.
  11. Organizers must ensure that no participant uses or exploits a known or unknown bug. If so, organizers commit to taking appropriate sanctions.
  12. Any form of cheating by any participants is not tolerated. Organizers commit to sanctioning any players that would engage in unfair and disloyal behavior.
  13. Organizers must allow streaming and broadcasting, provided that the present rules are respected.
  14. Rewards provided by Cometh for the tournament can only be used to reward participants and winners of the said tournament. Organizers cannot use or embezzle rewards for their personal activities or other tournaments based on games other than Cometh Battle.
  15. In order to provide viewers and players with a high-quality experience, we ask the partner to not support or promote any non-conventional software, bots, mods, or similar things that players will use in the tournament. Mobile devices are not recommended for players to record their games. We recommend the use of OBS or Streamlabs for the recording of the games.

Cometh reserves the right to take any appropriate sanctions if organizers do not respect the rules above or fail to apply them.

So, pilots, think you have what it takes to take on the challenge?
Let’s make some history in the Cometh Battle, and may the best pilot win!

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