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Attention pilots,

From April 21, 12 PM CET, to April 24, 12 PM CET, the Cometh Battle universe is opening its gate-wide for a Free Weekend event! That’s right, all you thrill-seekers and space warriors out there will get to experience the thrill of the game like never before with access to all the cards for a weekend of fun and discovery.

To celebrate this Free Weekend, Mission Control is pumped to announce that we’re taking this Free Weekend event to a whole new level with an intergalactic $1.000 USDC tournament that will take place throughout the entire event! You heard right, we’re not holding back, and neither should you! Are you ready to show off your skills and battle them out with some of the fiercest space warriors out there? Then hop on board and join the challenge using our brand-new tournament queue! More info below.


From April 21, 12 PM CET, to April 24, 12 PM CET.


  • The tournament will be a regular play phase using our brand-new tournament queue. The play phase will run from April 21, 12 PM CET to April 24, 12 PM CET.
  • During that time, players are allowed to play as many tournament games as they want.
  • There is no restriction on the type of decks that players can use during the tournament.
  • The tournament leaderboard displays the results of players’ points earned and lost during tournament games.
  • Upon completion of the tournament, at 12 PM CET on April 24, the tournament queue will close, and the server will display the top 25 players on the tournament leaderboard.

Prize Pool

The prize pool will be distributed as follows:

  • Top 1 : $350 USDC
  • Top 2 : $200 USDC
  • Top 3 : $125 USDC
  • Top 4 : $75 USDC
  • Top 5 : $50 USDC
  • Top 6 to top 10 : $20 USDC
  • Top 11 to top 15 : $10 USDC
  • Top 16 to top 25 : $5 USDC

After the tournament ends, Cometh will distribute the prize pool within two weeks.

Specific rules


In case of a tie, players’ rankings will be determined first by their win rate ratio during the mission, then by their head-to-head battle results, and finally by their win rate against the other top 25 players.

Points and ELO

The points players score or lose are calculated based on their ELO. ELO resets at the beginning of each tournament.


The tournament is a single-player contest. Each competing player must be an eligible participant. An eligible participant is a natural person and can not be registered more than once for the tournament, even under a different username.

Guild names and player usernames

Guild names must be deemed appropriate by Cometh. Each player is also required to have the same username in game and on Discord. Cometh reserves the right to ask guilds to change their names or to directly change guild names that are seen as unfit for the tournament. Players’ usernames must be deemed appropriate by Cometh. Cometh reserves the right to ask players to change their usernames or to directly change usernames that are seen as unfit for the tournament. Cometh may also insert the player’s guild name as a part of the player’s username to enhance the viewing experience for fans. Participants are encouraged to keep the same username throughout the duration of the tournament.

Bugs & Exploit

A participant who uses a known bug or exploits will not be eligible for any prize for the ongoing match. Any use of a bug or exploit will result in default losses. Cometh, in its sole discretion, may apply additional sanctions. Known bugs and exploits are defined as anything made known before the game in question by the administrators. This includes any public report on the official bug report Discord channels or social media.


Players must compete to the best of their ability at all times. Any form of cheating by any participants will not be tolerated. All participants are prohibited from influencing or manipulating a tournament game or match so that the outcome is determined by anything other than its merits. Cometh may install software on computers used in physical events specially designed to detect cheating. Examples of cheating would include:

▪ Collusion, match-fixing, or any other action to intentionally alter, or attempt to alter, the results of any game or match

▪ Attempts to interfere with another player’s connection to the game service through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) or any other means

▪ Tampering with the entry process or the operation of the tournament

▪ Allowing an individual who is not the registered owner of a Cometh account to play on that account in Cometh Battle or any other Cometh game.

If someone asks you to bet on any tournament game or “fix” the outcome of a game, you must immediately report this contact to Cometh using the official Discord server.

Illegal and Unethical Conduct

Participants are required to observe all laws applicable to their participation in the tournament, including all games and matches. A participant may not, during the tournament, commit any act or become involved in any situation or occurrence that brings him or her into public disrepute, scandal, or ridicule, shocks or offends the community, derogates from his or her public image, or reflects unfavorably upon Cometh, Cometh Battle, or any of the other products, services, or sponsors of Cometh.

Spectating and Streaming

All spectators are prohibited. The teams may not reject sanctioned spectators, such as tournament admins and/or affiliated streamers. Participants cannot spectate at tournament games.

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