GM crew members! ☄️ We are here with the most exciting AMA recap! This time, the developers of Cometh — Vincent, Lakhdar, and Fred were at the AMA along with Jerome, of course.

First, each of them gave us super important news and updates. Then, it was time for the technical questions asked by the community. Without further ado, let’s see what happened in the devs AMA 😎

We’ve got the onboarding news from Fred 👇

Today we are focusing on better onboarding for newcomers. That will take a big part of the time of some of the technical team. What we want is when someone new arrives in Cometh, we will take the time to explain the big concept of what Cometh is, what are resources, what is crafting, what are ships, and so on. The first free game they will have to play, will not be matched with other people. It will be a tutorial where they will learn the different concepts. They will play against some kind of a bot that will take the time to explain different things in the game. When we have a free game to discover all the mechanisms of Cometh, on each stage they will unlock the card of the better deck. So, the idea of the tutorial is to unlock the better deck, not to play. So they will be more ready to fight against other people but the tutorial is not enough to join Cometh. We will also improve matchmaking to be fairer.

The matchmaking update was from Lakhdar 👇

In the matchmaking algorithm, the issue was that when you queued for a game, you would then be matched against anyone that was in the queue at the moment. If there was no one, then you would wait for someone to come. The reason for this was to ensure that there would be less time in the queue so you could play faster. Now that we have many players, what we can do is be smarter about it. In the next version of Cometh, the player will get in the queue, and they will match someone who has approximately the same ELO. If you cannot find someone fast enough then we will enlarge the window so you can find someone. Let’s say that you have 1200 ELO, if you cannot find anyone in 1 min then you would be matched with someone who has 1300 ELO.

Jerome — This matchmaking has been awaited for a long time. Let’s say you are a 2000 ELO player and there is a 1000 ELO player joining, how long does it take for the two players to be matched if there is no one else in the queue?

Lakhdar — It would take several minutes. We need to create that configuration. Basically, there is a window of ELO that you can match. When you enter the queue, the ELO is like plus / minus 20, but the more you wait the more we add to the window. At the moment it is 4 ELO per second.

Jerome — We think it’s fair for a good balance between having to wait and not having to play against someone that is super high when you are not super high yourself. Let’s see what it turns out in the stats in the tournaments. This window approach we think is the right one. Let’s see what it’s like in the next tournament.

The Rental update was given by Vincent 👇

The rental is coming for you to play with spaceships that you don’t own. Let me introduce you to the main use cases of Cometh Rental. The purpose of Rental is to allow the player to play for real resources tokens without paying anything. Part of this income is automatically paid to the owner of the ship. The spaceship owner takes advantage of Cometh NFTs to generate a passive income and it’s one of the innovations in the Cometh game since the beginning, we’ve been wanting the yield generating NFT. For example, I have ships, I don’t have time to play, I create a rental offer and I generate income with my NFTs. The Rental protocol is completely decentralized. It’s peer-to-peer between players, and the smart contract guarantees proper execution of the agreement between the owner and the player. The big news about the new version of Cometh Rental protocol is that guild managers can manage a fleet of ships thanks to the sublease system. In this case, we have a ship owner who subleases his NFTs to a guild manager privately or publicly and the guild manager optimizes the performance of the owner’s fleet by giving rare ships to the most skilled or successful players. In this case, the income always goes to the players in priority, minus the commission for the guild manager and the owner. It’s a completely new system and no live protocol allows that today. We have an in house demo on Friday and the solution audit is ending very soon. I can say that the release is very close and we can’t wait to share this new feature with you.

Jerome — The demand was super huge for the Rental system because it’s actually quite hard to figure out how to do a Rental system that works properly. We spent a lot of time talking to different guilds, they helped us out on figuring out what is the right modal for this type of Rental. The audit is coming to an end, we are super excited to do a final demo internally and release that to the community. It’s going to help the big spaceship collectors to continue using the spaceship when they are not actually playing them. It’s going to help guilds to bring out more players because it’s the right way for them to manage their assets. It’s also going to let new players easily access a premium experience of the game by flying the best spaceships in the world.

More about the onboarding process:

Fred To facilitate the onboarding of a new player we’ll continue on this idea — We are thinking about allowing people without a wallet, Metamask, to be able to play Cometh. One idea we have is having different modes of playing. The actual model of the game is really competitive so maybe those players will play in free mode between each other. In this mode, we don’t have rewards, but we can play more and more. The more they play the more they can unlock more cards, maybe unlock different bonuses like a new skin or mule. We want to provide a mode for people not so competitive but are more casual players who can also enjoy Cometh, take the time to discover the battle, or maybe step by step become more competitive. But we want to have a mode where more casual people can enjoy the game. This is the idea we’re thinking about right now, we really want Cometh to be like a game that a lot of people can play. We don’t want to be blocked by the crypto part. Our aim will be to take those non-crypto people to DeFi and cryptos. A good way to attract them is to let them play the game, and enjoy the game without having to understand all these complex concept.

All these updates gave us the chills, in a good way 🔥 Now, it is time for the questions asked by the crew members!

Q — Will we be able to rent the cards in the future?

A Yes, we will.

Q — What about old game items and consumables?

A We will keep them and find them a use. Maybe not directly in the current state of the game but in the future, that’s for sure.

Q — When lore?

A We are actively working on lore, that’s definitely something we want to be better on. There is one Sci-Fi writer that is now working full-time on this topic. He’s super excited about the game and little pieces of lore that we’ve written so far.

Q — Can you say a word to convince our community to come to Paris for EthCC?

A From 15th to 24th July, Cometh is going to have a booth next to the venue. This boot will showcase some goodies made with love with some of our partners and fashion brands. We are going to reveal what you will find in this shop. More importantly, it’s going to be a meet up point for our community. We are going to try to figure out a way to invite all of the spaceship holders to different parties we will organize. We’re going to have meetups with some of the protocols we did partnerships with. So, expect to party with Gnosis and StakeDAO and maybe Tenderly. It’s going to be a great event, even if you don’t have the main ticket for EthCC it’s still worth coming to Paris to meet the team, to have in person games of Cometh in the booth.

Q — Do you have plans for some quest mechanics?

A Yes. We do. We have various ideas in our minds. The solo play will be a showcase of that. Also, we want to have that kind of quest in Discord as well, also to feature the lore. So yeah that’s in the making.

Q — When will the charts return?

A Cometh Swap was deployed 400 days ago I think, and we had a crush 23 days ago. We had to sync with the subgraph that helps in providing the data for the charts in the website and this sync is very long because we have a lot of transactions on the Cometh Swap. We’re expecting to be finished in 4 or 5 days, hopefully.

Q — What are your plans to create headquarters in other regions of the world

ambassador-like growth at least for a start?

A — That’s a good idea. I’ll pass that on to our colleagues that are interested in growth ideas. We are sometimes discussing opening another office, maybe in North America, Asia, or the Middle East. Probably not in the next 6 months but in 6 to 12 months we will definitely consider opening an extra team and growing from this point. The game will be in a much better state to acquire and welcome new gamers. It will be a good time to see which region of the world is super into playing the game and we’ll try everything we can to bring as many people into our game and our community. Starting from that we’ll try to figure out what will be the best ambassador-like cross-program etc.

Q — Will we be able to use Dust in battle mode?

A We will have more information on that to share in the upcoming weeks. But we want them to be featured as well.

Q — What is the status with the main tube, game items & staking Must utility?

A — As you can see on the game, rewarded games are limited today and our idea is by staking some Must you can increase rewarded games. Let’s not get into too many details with this because we have to give a complete update, maybe a dedicated AMA when we release the new version of staking and other things. The overall idea is to make sure that staking Must is a way of extending your reach in the game. The rewards per day and per spaceship are limited and staking Must is the most natural way to extend this limitation. From player standpoints, you should see that our design rationales are to go the other way around what’s been done in the web2 markets. Instead of selling the cards, we let people craft them and create an economy around them. Instead of begging your way into the game, you can rent your spaceship or get it from someone else. In the same way, we don’t want to fall into the subscription mechanism. We would rather have something that’s fairer to the players such as staking the token. The longer you stake, the longer you’ll have access to refresh your rewarded games, etc. That’s our original rationale, we are currently working on extending the staking of Must. So the Dust you have accumulated won’t be for nothing. We’ll be delighted to give you a deeper dive into what we have in our spare time.

Q — Will the mining comets game have a return?

A The little teaser I shared is a game we are developing. It will involve mining and interacting with comets. Mining comets are set to return.

Sneak peek

Q — Is it planned to mint new ships with Dust?

A — We don’t want to give you too much information. Expect news about that if not this month or early next month.

Q — Will game items still be a thing with the consumables as well?

A Yes, why not. Consumables are great!

Q — Do we have any new information about DokiDoki Pilots?

A That’s something we’ve made lots of progress on and decided to put a halt on before resuming it probably after the build-up. Our current focus is to deliver the build-up roadmap.

Q — Will there be consumables with benefits in tournaments?

A I don’t think we should have anything that will intervene with the balance of the game played. I think it’s fine to have boosters or specific things that change what’s going on.

It was such an amazing time with the Cometh developers! Thank you Cometh team for joining us to answer all the questions 🥳 — and thank you crew members for joining this AMA that covers the technical aspect of Cometh!

As always, Cometh is playing big. We cannot wait to see what will summer 2022 bring for the Cometh galaxy ☄️



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