Announcing Cosmik Battle, the next generation Trading Card Game

4 min readJul 13


Attention pilot! We are absolutely thrilled to announce Cosmik Battle, the next-generation Trading Card Game pitting players in exhilarating 1v1 space battles and first installment of our interoperable universe Cosmik. The free-to-play card game will release in Q4 2023 on the Epic Games Store to become one of the first games leveraging blockchain technology featured in the platform, paving the way for a new era of video games.

Cosmik Battle will also be available on Hyperplay, a groundbreaking game launcher, and will arrive on the App Store and Google Play Store with full crossplay soon after release.

Buckle up, pilot! It’s gonna be one hell of a ride!

Building on Cometh Battle, its technical alpha, Cosmik Battle puts players in the shoes of space fighters on their paths to become the best fliers in the galaxy. Pick your spaceship, gather resources, craft your cards and build outrageous decks to bring down your opponents!

Cosmik Battle redefines the Trading Card Game genre by blasting you into intense, turn-based combat with innovative mechanics that turns it into fast-paced intergalactic warfare. Wield an arsenal of hundreds of cards creating endless tactical and strategic combinations to defeat your opponent, while diving head first into the chaos. Anything can happen out there, but you’re not alone; deploy a fleet of sheep, summon Mechas or call on the help from the Greek gods.

Take your ship on a ride to earn valuable resources from the spoils of battle and craft cards so you can keep on crushing it and dominate across the universe. Your hard work pays off as you don’t just play with cards; you own them. Keep ’em or trade ’em with other pilots — they’re yours, you can do whatever you want.

Cosmik Battle sets the stage for the Cosmik universe, an offbeat, mayhem-filled world where you’ll come across some colorful characters as you journey across different planets. The Cosmik universe is built upon interoperability and will welcome many other experiences in the future. This unique ecosystem grants players the exciting opportunity to utilize assets from their favorite game in other interconnected experiences. Interoperability is the future of video games, and the Cosmik universe is leading the way!

We don’t create “blockchain games”, we create “games”.

Developed by Cometh, a pioneering video game studio, Cosmik Battle aims to bridge the web2 and web3 gaming spaces. Led by a passionate team of video game enthusiasts from AAA companies like Activision-Blizzard and Ubisoft, Cosmik Battle aims to provide an unforgettable experience for all players. As game developers, we firmly uphold the belief that video games should not merely serve as a pretext to make blockchain technology more enticing. On the contrary, we adopt an alternative approach. Our primary focus lies in crafting exceptional gaming experiences, ensuring they are remarkable in their own right. Only after achieving this goal do we explore how blockchain can further enhance and elevate the game to new heights. We do not create “blockchain games” — we create “games”. Blockchain is a back-end technology, not a genre that dictates gameplay. As a testimony to this philosophy, we refuse to build our games on Play-To-Earn models. Instead we believe in blockchain for its capacity to strengthen the link between players and their favorite games. Our experiences are for everyone, fair and truly free to play.

Leveraging blockchain allows technical innovation but also come with constraints in terms of user experience. To take down all technical limitations of blockchain, Cosmik Battle is built upon Alembic, a groundbreaking blockchain technology that helps developers create web2-like user experience with blockchain benefits.

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Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens and that leverages the Decentralized Finance ecosystem