Launching ComethSwap, a layer2 decentralized exchange that lets you swap any ERC20 tokens at low cost, in no time. ComethSwap sits on top of the Cometh ecosystem, a game fuelled by DeFI and NFT.

Discover the burgeoning apps available in Cometh:


ComethSwap is a layer2 decentralized exchange which…

On Jan 22nd, Cometh Founder is speaking about the future of Web3

On January 22nd, Paris is joining the list of cities to host yet another amazing NFT event: NFT Paris. Since Paris is the home of Cometh, we could not be more excited to support this unique NFT-dedicated event with sponsorship and attendance! ☄️

Jérôme de Tychey, Cometh’s Founder, will be…

Lisbon Blockchain Week Takeaways ☄️

Last week the Cometh team attended the Lisbon Blockchain Week bringing that GameFi energy to this part of the World together with some of the most prominent builders, thinkers and creators across the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

This was an incredible opportunity to mingle within the ETH ecosystem, discover new…


Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens and that leverages the Decentralized Finance ecosystem

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