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A DeFi powered spaceship game with yield generating NFTs.

Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens.

Players compete to anticipate the movement of objects whose physics is based on the blockchain.

We have leveraged DeFi technology to create a self-sustainable virtual outer space. All the core features of the Ethereum blockchain play a role in Cometh which operates on an Optimistic Rollup layer 2 scaling solution.

DeFi 🦄+ NFT ⚗️+ Layer 2 🧪= Cometh ☄️

To celebrate the new year of the Iron Ox, we are releasing a special collection of spaceship NFT through virtual red envelopes containing random NFT Spaceships to be revealed later this week.


  • Chinese New Year spaceships available to buy on Opensea
    Monday the 22nd after 11am UTC
  • 888 new spaceships in 296 bundles of 3 random spaceships for 1.68 ETH
  • Random cards revealed on Friday 26th at 10AM UTC
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Red Enveloppes 🧧 containing 3 random spaceships

This year is the year of the Metal Ox in the Chinese Zodiac. Last year of the metal Ox was 1961 and marked the start of the Chinese Space…


  • $12,000 weekly rewards with Liquidity Pool tokens introduced
  • Rez, definitive update (Tuesday 23nd)
  • New Spaceships: Tianzi (Chinese New Year Secret sales on Monday 22nd, revealed the 26th), 888 secret spaceships in 296 bundles of 3
  • New Spaceships: Cometh x Aavegotchi 24th on Opensea and in the TUBE
  • Cashback in Layer 2 for new spaceships
  • Leader-board and APY, delayed but on the way

A new week of rewards with new tokens introduced

As initially planned, we are on for another week of rewards for 12,000 USDT worth of tokens. …

Very excited to announce our partnership with Aavegotchi, the popular blockchain game developed by Pixelcraft Studios.

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  • game Launched on the 8th of February 2021
  • Cometh x Aavegotchi as a long term partnership for spaceships, liquidity provisioning and Layer2 partnership on Matic
  • The Cometh x Aavegotchi spaceships sale will happen on February 24th

“The Cometh team shares our own interest in creating new, gamified ways to experience DeFi. We love their game’s concept and can’t wait to see the Aavegotchi fleet in space.”— Jesse Johnson (@gldnXross) Aavegotchi Summoner

“We are aiming at tsunami approach here, joining forces to bring…

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What is Cometh?

Cometh is a DeFi powered Blockchain game with yield generating NFT. Full description in the Whitepaper

Minimum Setup

  • Supported wallets: Metamask, Wallet Connect (only wallets with Matic support or allow you to change your RPC
  • Supported browser: Ideally Firefox then Chrome or Brave

What’s the minimum necessary to play the game? Get a spaceship (NFT) and some MUST

How to get a Spaceship? Buy spaceship on Opensea (the ones from the forge get a 30% cashback in $MUST) or Redeem it on by Staking $MUST

How to get some MUST? Buy some on Uniswap



What are…

One week after takeoff, here’s the first rebalancing update.


  • $12,000 weekly rewards
  • Ongoing game mechanisms rebalancing
  • New game features, leaderboard
  • Rez, Aavegotchi, CNY (&more) spaceships upcoming

This week we have created 10 different asteroids with a total of 96,500 Matic tokens (~12,000 USDT) for the Spaceship owners to mine. It was mesmerizing to see the players adapt and get organized to dig out the tokens as fast as possible.

Here’s a caption of an armada gathering around the orbit of a promising asteroid:

The mechanism to achieve the right positioning of a spaceship is to pay other players to get pulled towards them. …

You’re in the right place to mine juicy comets and earn valuable tokens 🛸. In this guide, you’ll find few tips to easily navigate in the galaxy.

Foremost, make sure you have passed the previous steps through

But first enjoy the view 😃, hundreds of spaceships flying around the giant sun.

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Overview of your main details (pulling price, balance, number of miners & comets and your wallet address)

You can explore your fleet on the top left of the screen, and select the spaceship you want to navigate with

The game Cometh has been live for 24h, and we have been overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and dedication.

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We went live on MAINNET with greater success than we initially thought after switching from one target infrastructure to another. It is not perfect yet, but it worked: comets flew by, (700!) spaceships mined, players played… We did it, and it’s just the beginning.

Space apes, it’s a reality! Everyone is now able to lift-off towards the Cometh Galaxy.

Here is a quick guide on how you will smoothly do that! (Metamask desktop only). You can follow the step below or watch the video.

Go on

First step is on Ethereum mainnet.

Send some $MUST to the layer 2 (you’ll need some fuel to pull other spaceships):

  1. Approve
  2. Send to Matic
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Send your spaceships (NFT) to layer 2 to be able to play.

  1. Approve each or Approve all
  2. Launch (you’ll have to wait 5–7 minutes before they land into Matic network)

In this short post we lay down our approach for layer connections and game balancing as well as when exactly you should get ready for take off.

First take off, tomorrow Monday 8th @4PM GMT

Bridging the L1 and L2 Gap

One of the key challenges of using a layer on top of a blockchain is to onboard people in and out. Cometh’s collaboration with Aavegotchi will hopefully help on this, we will have to do some heavy lifting to get everybody to add the custom link to the blockchain. Indeed, we recently announced our switch from Arbitrum to Matic to ship to the Ethereum mainnet…


Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens and that leverages the Decentralized Finance ecosystem

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